Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm NOT always as lucky ! Look, What a bad cancellation I have got from the Post Office.

It is NOT always successful in the creation of a maximum card, many a times you will be disappointed by a Bad Cancellation of the postmark on the maximum card. Look ! What I have got back the "Medical excellence" MC returned from a post office. The postmark is illegible, imperfect and the MC is nullified. What a disappointment ! Although I had mentioned clearly in my letter of request to the Postmaster for a neat postmark cancel on the stamp, the instruction seemed to have been ignored. In the creation of maximum cards, one has no choice but to pray that the postal staff handling the cancellation of the postmark on your MC does a good job. The feeling is great when the MCs returned are perfectly cancelled with a vivid postmarking. I am hoping that  the postal staffs could be trained to handle proper cancellation on philatelic items. Until this message is carried to the postal authorities, at the mean time, we have no choice ! I hope all of you who are joining in the hobby of maximaphily will NOT be disappointed with such casualties in the creation of Maximum Cards. The joy of receiving back perfect MCs is definitely greater than the disappointment we receive at times. Happy Collecting !
  • A RUINED maximum card created with "Medical Excellence" stamp issued on 26.04.2010, Postmark illegible.

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