Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relising MCs at Philanippon 2011,Yokohama, Japan 日本横滨世界邮展尝试制作极限片

It is NOT cheap to realise a Maximum Card in JAPAN as compared to the scenario in Malaysia. Firstly, the cost of an ordinary postcard is selling at 157yen ( i.e ~ RM 6.20 ), about 6 times the cost of a card in Malaysia. Secondly, the value of the postage stamp,  a stamp of normal face value cost 80yen (~ RM 3.20) . Hence, an ordinary stamp + an ordinary card cost approx. 237yen or RM 9.50, many times the cost of producing a maximum card in Malaysia. However, since I was at Yokohama for Philanippon 2011 World Philatelic Exhibition, I would NOT miss the opportunity to realise some MCs for keeping.  Having made the decision to realise MCs, following I began to worry whether the Japan Postal Staffs are capable of making good postmark cancellation on a slippery surfaced postcard. If the postal staff failed me, I would waste the monies in buying the stamps and postcards. Was glad that the experienced postal staff of the Japan Post did perfect job on the cancellation on all of my maximum cards. Many thanks to the Japan Post.  The excellent cancellation work performed by the postal staff is an asset to the maximum card collectors, I was thinking, if I am living in Japan, I would make use of this asset to produce many maximum cards. However, in a strong traditional based philatelic environment in Japan, there is hardly anyone realising Maximum cards @ Philanippon 2011 .....

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tugu Negara Maximum Card 国家纪念碑极限片 8.8.2011

Tugu Negara becomes a popular subject on Malaysian stamp. In the last 10 years,  there were at least 3 stamps or postmarks featuring this subject. I had been realising the similar maximum cards with the same postcards I had. Anyway, the maximum card looks nice, I do NOT mind the number of times it appears on the stamp.