Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just because of its Shape, it is being excluded from the family of Maximaphily

The present FIP rule says ONLY rectangular or square shape postcards are permitted to realise as maximum cards. Odd and irregular shapes postcards are family of the postcard, BUT they are being excluded from the family of the Maximaphily just because of their shapes. Odd shape postcards had been existing for many years, and they are collectibles in their own right. There is no reason why they must be excluded from the Maximaphily. Maximum card realised with an odd shape postcard fulfills the 3 basic elements forming a maximum card, it is a maximum card by theory . Odd shape maximum cards add varieties to Maximaphily. I will like to see a collection on odd shape maximum cards. FIP rules do change, it is up to the fellow members attending the congress to have the rules amended by votes. Just before I see the change of the rule on  issue about Odd Shape maximum cards, I will NOT stop producing Odd Shape maximum card, if I have ONE relevant odd shape postcard in hand, I will turn it into a maximum card. Cheers and happy collecting.
  • An odd shape Maximum card created with "Conservation of Environment" stamp issued on 10.5.2008, FDI pictorial cancel @ Seremban.

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