Saturday, May 08, 2010

Maximaphily surges a new demand for postcards

To create a maximum card, one needs a postcard of matching view with the postage stamp. I did NOT realise the demand for postcards had dwindled in the recent years until I began to create maximum cards. The post card racks outside the shops were  gradually removed from the streets. Postcards are almost disappearing from the sight. In fact, I tried to enquire for postcards from book shops, souvenir shops, some of the shopkeepers did NOT even know what are postcards ? Local postcard producers wound up their businesses , most of them were pessimistic of the postcard business in this country. The rise of Maximaphily generates a little surge in the demand for postcard. Perhaps, we may see the production of  postcards gradually flows back into the market in the next few years. I love postcards and I love maximaphily !
  • Maximum card realised with the "Medical Excellence" postage stamps issued 26.04.2010, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Kuala Lumpur

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