Monday, May 10, 2010

Maximaphily makes a difference

You can't create a postage stamp, you have to purchase the  postage stamp from the post office counter or from the stamp dealer, however, I can tell  you that you are able to create a maximum card. In organised philately, Maximaphily is a class recognised by the FIP ( Federation of the  international Philately ) and its rules permit the collectors to FREELY create their own maximum cards where the collectibles need NOT be sent through the postal system.  Maximaphily really makes the world of philately a difference, Maximum cards are aesthetically appealing, the hobby generates excitement , the researches in the process of creating an MC improves the general knowledge of a collector. I am NOT surprise to see a little "boom" in pursuit of the hobby of Maximaphily globally. Are you taking a ride on the Boom ? Enjoy Collecting ! Cheers.
  • Maximum card realised with " Medical Excellence" stamp issued 26.4.2010, FDI Pictorial Cancel @ Kuala Lumpur

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