Thursday, May 06, 2010

Don't turn a blind eye to cervical cancer

Greatly regret that LONDON 2010 opening on 8th May, 2010 at LONDON, UK is NOT giving respect to Maximaphily. Of all classes of philately recognised by FIP, Maximaphily is the ONLY class kept out of the door of LONDON 2010. It deprives global maximaphilists the opportunity to display at the world event, and  visitors the chance to view the beautiful maximum card exhibits owned by the renowned maximaphilists. One of the reasons given by the organiser of LONDON 2010 is that there is ONLY a handful of collectors/ exhibitors of MCs worldwide, hence, it is NOT advisable to have the class displayed at the show. Some of the traditional/postal history collectors are even condemning on Maximaphily as a class  of philately with no future. The organiser can be BLIND by claiming that there would NOT be sufficient exhibitors ,however,  collectors should NOT equate the hobby as a NON curable Cancer Cell. It is Not the end of the world for Maximaphily, isn't it ? With the strength of the maximaphilist grows globally,  I believe one day I will  see a World Exhibition organised solely on Maximaphily ,  Let's make it an event exclusively for Worldwide Maximum Card lovers Only!
  • Maximum Card created with "Medical Execellence" stamp issued on 26.04.2010 , FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Lumpur

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