Monday, May 17, 2010

Looking for the BEST place of concordance (Maximaphily) - Malaysia Firefly stamp issue 10.5.2010

I will always try my very best to look for the place of concordance to have my cancellation of the postmark on maximum cards - it is a great challenge in Maximaphily. Of course there are several postmarks can be considered for the realisation of maximum cards for each new stamp issue, however, there is always a BEST postmark available. It is the greatest satisfaction to have the BEST concordant postmark on a maximum card. I will like to quote the Malaysia firefly stamp issue as an example, as Kuala Selangor is welknown as a paradise of the fireflies, hence, there is no doubt that the BEST postmark to tie the firefly stamp to the postcard is " Kuala Selangor ". Without hesitation, I  made my trip to  Kuala Selangor post office to have my mission done.
  • A maximum card realised with the "Malaysia Firefly" stamp issued on 10.5.2010, FDI pictorial postmark @ Kuala Selangor



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