Saturday, January 05, 2013

2012 : Photography is a hobby, so does Maximaphily

Photography is a hobby, so does Maximaphily. Whether the hobby is an affordable one depends on the  individual's investment on the hobby. It can be very minimum or it can be no limit to the expenditure. No matter what, it is a hobby. A hobby gives one pleasure and satisfaction, it is NOT measured by the money you spent on the hobby.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Maximum Cards are "Philatelic" items and They Can Never Be "Postal" items

To send a postcard, a stamp is to be affixed on the addresse side and NOT supposed to be on the Picture side of a postcard. A maximum card , however, bears a stamp on the picture side, which is completely contradicting to the normal usage of a postcard. A maximum card obviously violates to the posting rules guided by the UPU. A maximum card is therefore a Philatelic Item created for the pleasure of collecting. Very rarely one receives a postcard that goes through the mailing system which has a postage stamp affixed on the picture side, hence, it is practically "impossible" to have maximum cards that are postally used. Since Maximum Cards are "philatelic" in nature, We all know about the fact of a Maximum Card. If it is NOT "philatelic", it is NOT a maximum card. Collecting maximum cards will NOT be the same as those who are collecting postal history items - they are completely different kind of HOBBIES, although, there is a common link between the 2 hobbies i.e the Postage Stamp. As the saying goes "one man's food may be another man's poison", truly enough, Maximaphily may be one's food, BUT poison to another man. The question of maximaphily being "philatelic" should NOT be raised once and again, if one does NOT like the hobby, well, he has the liberty for NOT picking up the hobby - it is NOTHING to do with whether the material is "philatelic" or NOT. It is absurd to judge a maximum card for NOT being "postal". A hobby fades by itself if the strength of its popularity declines , it is definitely NOT determined by someone who is NOT collecting the cards at ALL.