Monday, October 26, 2009

Defend and Protect 防守与保护

Umbrella shelters one from Rain. 伞让你不淋雨

A Braille Postcard with a Braille Stamp 一枚盲人凸点明信片与 一枚盲人凸点邮票

This is a unique postcard with BRAILLEs which can fascilitate the blinds to "read" what is written on the card. Malaysia issued its First BRAILLE stamp, hence, I have taken the opportunity to realise the card with braille with a stamp with braille too!
马来西亚邮政发行了首枚盲人凸点邮票. 我采用了一枚凸点明信片制作了极限片.

Children 孩童

Children 孩童

Monday, October 05, 2009

Think Positive 积极想法

Think positively in life - that is the ONLY way to lead you to a brighter future.
唯有积极想法才能带领你走出死胡同, 迈向光明