Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Blurry .. Don't let criticisms blur your expectation and interest in Maximaphily

I am sharing herewith a Maximum Card with a blurry image of a SHE with many small multiview images superimposed on it and it is an IRREGULAR shape postcard. I was lured to realise the postcard as a  Maximum Card knowing fully well that it does NOT conform to the present FIP rules. I just couldn't sentence this beautiful post card for a Death Penalty and store it forever in the box. I love the card and will like to present it as a "maximum card" although it may NOT be known as an "MC" by the present definition, it does conform to the basic 3 in 1 rule in Maximaphily.  Perhaps, I will name all cards non-compliant with FIP rules as Cinderella MCs just to differentiate them from the actual maximum cards. It is common for collectors to argue and debate over a set of rules BUT please don't let criticisms blur your expectation and interest in maximaphily .
  • Maximum card realised with "Medical Excellence" stamp released on 26.04.2010 , FDI pictorial Cancel at Kuala Lumpur

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信心是命運的主宰!! trust yourself!!! ....................................................