Saturday, May 01, 2010

Keep your eyes open while hunting postcards for creation of MCs

Keep your eyes open even if you are ONLY doing a window shopping, at times you do find advertisement postcards available at the shops around you, pick up these FREE advertisement cards and they can be of use for your creation of Maximum Cards. I have the above Ad Card picked up at one of the Optical Shops somewhere ( forgotten where was it, since I picked up cards wherever I saw them). Bingo, and this Ad card I picked years ago was able to allow me to realise a nice MC for the stamps on "Medical Excellence" issued on the 26th April, 2010. The card features the popular taiwanese artise RAINIE YANG (杨丞琳) whom was a promotion ambassador for an optical lens company. Well, a nice maximum card is done with a card picked up from an optical shop .. hence, do remember to keep your eyes open whilst shopping, there are cards lying around for you to bring home.

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