Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Does GENDER really matter in the realisation of a Maximum Card?

Some Maximaphilists are going to the extreme in insisting there must be a concordance on the Gender as depicted on the stamp and the postcard i.e if the stamp depicts a male, the corresponding postcard must show a male and vice versa. Sometimes, these maximaphily extremists can really drive you crazy. I do wonder, does it really matter to conform to such stringent rules? Ask yourself, are you going to be tied by such invisible strings and landing youself in a helpless position ? Well, of course, one can realise a "perfect" MC to go in par with the postcard , even to the extreme by taking in the GENDER as consideration, I totally agree with that, however, there should NOT be any strings applied on others if GENDER is NOT being taken into consideration in the realisation of a Maximum Card. I will like to take the above MC as an example, I deem to recognise the gender on the stamp is a SHE, hence, I will realise MCs adopting postcards with SHE in mind, that however does NOT deter me from using any HE postcards to realise the above MCs.
I will leave the entire decision to the individual maximaphilist .
My motto in maximaphily - There is No Right or Wrong , There is Only Good and Bad.
  • Maximum Card created on 26.4.2010 ( Medical Excellence stamp ), FDI Pictorial Cancel @ Kuala Lumpur

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