Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maximum Cards are NOT Cheap ! - Malaysia Fireflies 10.5.2010

Many are saying and quoting that Maximum Cards are cheap since the newly created MCs are modern stuffs. Many are claiming that maximum cards are worth  the face value of a postcard + a stamp . These are statements mostly given by the Non-maximum card collectors. They have neglected the hidden costs  one has to incur to acquire a postcard and the effort in the making of the maximum card, hence, I can tell all that a self-made maximum card can never be Cheap. I will like all to appreciate and respect the effort as put in by a maximaphilist in each and every maximum card. Can I just pose a question to all,  If self made maximum cards are cheap, can one easily acquire one MC in the open market ? and where ? Are there any willing sellers around ? I will like to sum up here with some hidden costs in the making of a maximum card :
a. The price paid for a postcard ( Many a times these postcards are NOT acquired from the immediate market. Higher prices may be paid for rare postcards. At times incurred with postage , travelling charges etc.)
b. The cost in travelling to get the postcard cancelled at the place of concordant. 
c. The casualties in cancelling postmark on maximum cards. A bad postmark is often Non-reversible, postage stamp and postcard are nullified.
d. The Non-return of MCs sent for cancellation at a distant post offices or Overseas post offices.

Well, in the realisation of the Malaysia Fireflies Maximum cards, I made my trip to Kuala Selangor to have them properly cancelled with a postmark of concordant. The trip from my hometown at Seremban to Kuala Selangor took me 1.5 hours covering a distance of more than 150 kms. Can someone compute for me , What is the average hidden cost attributed to a firefly maximum card I made ? I never like to do such a computation, as the figure always works out to be shocking ! I am just reflecting a scenario of a cost appraisal of a maximum card.  If you think Maximum card is cheap, I will never spare you One, as you are NOT appreciating the effort put in by any maximaphilist who has created the maximum card. 

Will like to share with you the route I took from Seremban to Kuala Selangor : 

  • Maximum Card created with "Malaysia Fireflies" stamp issued on 10.5.2010, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Kuala Selangor.


Anonymous said...

Hard day......................................................................

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Ye Choh San 余曹山 said...

你说得对极了. 谢谢光临.

Dorincard said...

I totally agree.:)
Plus the time to research, to prepare, to wait...
For a collector, maximaphily is the most active and creative branch of philately.
Another one is Personalized Stamps designing, wherever available.