Monday, January 23, 2012

2012龙年 - 祈神继续保守,带领我们新的一年


2012 年龙年又来到,在年初一的这一天,感谢神在过去一年的眷顾,从岁首到岁终带领了我渡过一切的难关。愿祈神继续的保守,我唯把一切的交托,愿神继续带领一步一步的走过眼前的道路。

Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year and a fruitful year of collecting MCs.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wishing All Chinese - A Happy Dragon Year 恭贺大家新年快乐,蒙恩蒙福


Year 2000, Pos Malaysia issued a set of MS depicting the theme of DRAGON, the official pictorial canceler stamp had the Chinese characters "龙年庆“ (celebration of Dragon Year) inscripted, this is the first ever First Day of Issue postmark having Chinese words . This is something unique in Malaysian Postal History. I had taken the opportunity to create several DRAGON MCs.
Will like to wish All Chinese celebrating CNY, a happy New Year and God Bless you.