Friday, May 21, 2010

You can expect another Lunar New Year Zodiac Animal stamp next year

We can't predict what are the new stamp issues coming up in the future, however, the Lunar New Year Zodiac Animal Series is a sure stamp issue for many postal administrations worldwide. To a maximaphilist, it is important to get the first hand information of the stamp issue to enable the hunt for the related postcards to realise the maximum cards. Zodiac Stamps seem to be a confirmed perpetual series for many postal administrations worldwide, hence, postcards depicting any of the 12 Zodiac Animals can be accumulated and be ready for the realisation of the maximum cards. Pos Malaysia although NOT following the policy of the issue of  annual Zodiac Animal series stamp, however, occassionally certain Zodiac Animals are depicted on the stamps during the Lunar New Year period, for example Pos Malaysia issued Tiger stamp to usher Lunar New Year in 2010 and you can expect RABBIT stamps to be issued in 2011, let us wait and see. Before that , be ready with your RABBIT postcards to create some Maximum Cards. You have ample time to begin hunting for the cards. Good Luck.

  • Maximum Card created with the Malaysia-Korea Tiger joint issue realised on 23.2.10, FDI pictorial postmark cancel @ Jerantut.

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