Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Evolution from ONE to MANY - the power of maximaphily

It is the power of Maximaphily that one can create as many maximum cards out of a single stamp design - that is the true fun in Maximaphily. The design of a single stamp can be monotonous, however, I can manipulate with various postcards to transform the stamp into different maximum cards of colors and varieties. Maximum Card add spices to monotonous looking mini stamp and enhances it aesthetically. I have elected maximaphily  as my key hobby in philately as I have the FREEDOM in creating maximum cards with each new stamp issue. I have shared with all of you a series of "EYES" maximum cards in my blog, that is what I mean by the Power of maximaphily . As I have said earlier many collectors were complaining on the poor design of the "eye" stamp, however, as a maximaphilist, I am always please with any design for I can "sexify" the stamp by presenting it in various maximum cards.
  • Maximum card realised with the "Medical Exellence" stamp issued on 26.04.2010, FDI pictorial postmark @ Kuala Lumpur

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