Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vintage postcard - To use or NOT to use for maximum cards ? Dragon Boat MC

Will you use a genuine vintage postcard to realise a maximum card for the modern stamp issues ? A fraction of the maximaphily community is strongly against the use of vintage postcards to realise as MCs for the reason that these vintage cards are valuable collectibles and should be preserved in its original state of condition; to affix a modern stamp on the picture side of the card downgrades the quality of the vintage postcard. Of course there is no rule saying that one cannot have the combination of a modern stamp on a vintage postcard, it is up to one to decide whether to make such maximum card a reality. To me, I will NOT bother whether it is a modern or vintage postcard, as long as it is a postcard, I will try to make it a maximum card one day. What is your opinion on this ?
  • A maximum card realised with a RPPC with Dragon Boat Race stamp issued on 3.8.2008, FDI Pictorial Cancel @ P.Pinang

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Dorincard said...

In the information age, there is a shift from owning an item, to owning "an image of that item".
One could scan, at high resolution, a special vintage postcard, and then take the risk of creating a maximum card out of it.
He will still have the electronic image of the initial vintage postcard.
I would use a vintage postcard if I am confident that it's worth doing it, having a proper stamp and postmark available.