Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To be precise, use the correct stamp on Maximum Card - Malaysia Fireflies Stamp 10.5.2010

I have used the high denomination RM5 stamp detached from the Malaysia Firefly Miniature Sheet to realise the Maximum Cards. Many were curious to know why I did NOT use the lower denomination stamps instead. There were 4 other fireflies stamps with lower denominations of 30sen and 50sen, it is definitely cheaper to use them on maximum cards. I had insisted to adopt the RM5 stamp for the  reason that the ONLY species of fireflies found at Kuala Selangor is the Pteroptye tener which is depicted on the RM5 stamp, and the postcards I had in hand are of the same species of firefly. Try to go for perfection as far as realisation of a maximum card is concerned - it is so called a maximum card, hence, we have to go for the maximum concordance in all angles.

  • Maximum card realised with the Malaysia fireflies stamp issued on 10.5.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Selangor

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