Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little deviation from Maximaphily just for the fun to spice up my collection - 09.09.09

It was the special date cancel on  09.09.09 that sparked me to create this card which is NON compliance to the traditional rules of Maximaphily, this is done merely for the fun to spice up and enrich my collection on Malaysia Maximum Cards. I could not find a better Malaysia postage stamp depicting the figure of a "09" , instead I had chosen a definitive stamp from the state of Negeri Sembilan - a state often known as the NINE STATES of Malaysia. The name "NINE STATES" is inscribed on the stamp in Malay i.e "Negeri Sembilan." It was difficult to find a postcard depicting "09" as well, the closest resemblance I had was an advertisement postcard as shown above. A Stamp from "9 States" + A card resembling "09" + A special cancel of "090909", I had finally captured 090909 on a Cinderella Maximum Card ( My term for a  Non Traditional MC).
  •  A cinderella MC created with a definitive stamp from "9 states" , FDI pictorial cancel 090909 @ Seremban - the capital city of the "9 states"

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