Monday, March 22, 2010

Always Pursue for a close 3 in 1 in maximaphily

I will always pursue for a close 3 in 1 in the realisation of a maximum card i.e the stamp, the post card and the postmark (3 elements) are closely tied in subject, place and time. It is like a properly blended 3 in 1 coffee, the coffee tastes perfect and gives you the satisfaction. In a 3 in 1 blended coffee, the coffee, the creamer and the sugar have to be blended in good proportion, and the 3 elements are to be present in the 3 in 1 coffee to give you the perfect coffee taste. Salt , pepper and other spices cannot be blended into the coffee , coffee is coffee. MC is like a 3 in 1 coffee, other elements which are irrelevant cannot be simply tied on to an MC. Many MC collectors or creators tend to neglect the importance of the place of concordance ( the postmark ) on an MC. The postmark on the MC is just like one of the 3 important elements that constitutes a 3 in 1 coffee, without the proper ingredient of the postmark, the MC loses its taste. No matter how matching is the stamp and postcard, if the postmark is irrelevant , the MC loses its attraction and I will say, its value too! The place of concordant ( the postmark ) ties the stamp to the postcard on an MC providing the subject a connection and link. People always tie a certain food speciality to a place/town where the food originates e.g Coffee may be associated with Muar/Ipoh (Malaysia) etc, and many people will find their way to stop by these towns to purchase/taste the original food speciality. Why do people fancy original flavour food ? Yes, it is the original taste that gives one the satisfaction ! Similarly in Maximaphily, a truly concordant card gives a pure maximaphilist the true feel of satisfaction.  Do it , pursue for the perfection - the satisfaction is with you. Mind you, DO Not waste your postcard which does NOT come by easily to realise a non-concordant MC. A non-concordant MC is like a cup of poorly blended coffee! Enjoy collecting.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Malayan Tiger ONLY exists in West Malaysia

Date of Issue : 23.02.2010
Place of Cancellation : JERANTUT - the Gateway to National Park