Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The eye of a maximum card

Postmark on a maximum card tying the postage stamp to the postcard is often described as the eye of a maximum card. This reflects the importance of the postmark as one of the 3 key elements of a maximum card. In maximaphily, the requirement of a concordance in place of the  postmark has to be fulfilled. The postmark is NOT simply a mark for cancelling a stamp BUT a message linking the stamp to the postcard. A maximum card with an obvious postmark of  incorrect place of concordance, somehow, gives a maximaphilist an unpleasant feeling. The incorrect postmark is like a pair of eyes looking at you at all times, you feel like removing it from the maximum card and redoing the postmark again.  Imagine for yourself, a card bearing a Twin Tower stamp, cancelled with a Johor Baru postmark, will you feel comfortable to name it  an MC when the place of cancellation is NON-concordant at all . Hence, bear in mind to stick to the principle of creation of a maximum card - the eye is forever looking at you!
  • A maximum card created with "medical excellence" stamp issued on 26.04.2010, FDI pictorial cancellation @ Kuala Lumpur

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