Monday, March 31, 2014

This MC was in my custody since 2007 - it was dated back to 1872.10.19

This MC will never be recognised as an MC if FIP rules and regulations had NOT been amended. The little imprinted image of the National emblem of the USSR - the "double headed eagle" on the postal stationery card was too small to enable it to be classified as an MC. 

Maximaphily, although is an official class of the FIP, however, in term of  rarity,  MC items have no place in comparison to the other FIP classes where earlier period materials are relatively readily available. Owing to fact of the borne weakness of the hobby, it remained as a deserted orphan in the family of the FIP. It was NOT actively promoted by the FIP, as can be seen from the recent FIP exhibitions held worldwide, Maximaphily Class was intentionally axed for known reasons.

TCV postal cards of the early periods of the Germany, Austria, USSR bore imprinted National emblems on the card, very often had a similar image as depicted on the prevailing postage stamps. These TCV cards are in fact the early form of the Maximum Cards although the imprinted images on the card are a little small, however, that should NOT deter collectors from recognising these TCV postal cards as Maximum Cards. Stopping at the juncture on the debates and arguments on the size of the imprinted images had little in the contribution to the promotion of the hobby, in fact, maximaphilists had wasted too many years in hesitating to accept these TCVs as maximum cards. I strongly welcome the FIP Maximaphiliy Panel's decision in granting the recognition of the early TCV postal cards as Maximum Cards.  The new decision in accepting TCV postal cards as  family members of the Maximaphily,  hence ,all the previously crowned World Earliest Known maximum cards had to give way to the TCVs which were known to exist as early in the 1870s. The hunt for the Earliest MCs began, German TCVs bearing postmark of the 1870s were given the utmost attention, many records of the earliest dates had been rewritten several times until one TCV bearing a postmark of 1872.11.9 surfaced in 2007 which was recorded as the Earliest known MC .

Maximaphilists, however, did not stop in the hunt for an earlier MC card ... for many years now, the record of the earliest known MC remained as the one bearing a date 1872.11.9
I owned an USSR TCV postal card bearing a date 1872.10.19 which was acquired in the year 2007.  Does this qualify to be the World Earliest known MC ? What do you think ?