Friday, April 30, 2010

Still pondering whether to jump into maximaphily ???????

Are you still hanging at the cross road pondering whether to jump into maximaphily ? Are you discouraged by the existence of ONLY a handful collectors around hence it is NOT a hobby to be pursued ! I can tell you that maximum cards are NOT like postage stamps which are produced in bulk, maximum cards are realised by collectors, usually they are small in numbers. Maximum cards will NOT drop from the sky, and they are NOT stocked in Post Offices or in the dealers's hand waiting for you to purchase at any time in the future. If one does NOT realise a maximum card, there will be NO maximum card in existence. Don't look at me, I can't help you in any way to acquire maximum cards .. you need to learn to fish for yourself . Don't come back and tell me in 10 years from now that you feel regret for NOT realising any MCs in the past. I will like to listen to what you say in the year 2020!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have you found your perfect match yet ?

Have you found your perfect match yet ? What I mean is the 3 in 1  match criteria in maximaphily, and if you have found ONE and done a perfect Maximum Card by yourself , Congratulations ! If you have NOT yet found a perfect match, Not to worry, there are opportunities ahead awaiting you to accomplish. New stamps are coming up each month , certainly, there will be ONE for you to accomplish the perfect match. Good Luck in the fun of creating maximum cards.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It has to be YOU to make the first move indulgence in Maximaphily

To realise a Good Maximum Card, one will have to get his hands down to work on a maximum card oneself. There are sweats and sorrows in the process of realising a maximum card which every maximaphilist who had his hands worked on an actual maximum card would be able to tell how "difficult" it is to correlate the stamp, the postcard and the postmark in the finished product. Yes, probably, you may have heard someone says, isn't it a simple job to cancel the stamp on the card, in a matter of seconds, a maximum card is done! I will like to invite YOU to have a personal hand on try to look for a matching postcard, have a concordant stamp affixed on it, and make a good cancel of a related postmark on the card. I will like to congratulate you if you are able to succeed in creating a perfect MC on your first trial. Will like to listen to your experience in the process of creating a maximum card. GOOD LUCK and enjoy collecting and creating MCs.

Let TIME proves itself the popularity of Maximaphily

Although maximaphily is NOT new, in comparison to the other classes of philately e.g traditional, postal history, aerophilately etc., maximaphily is still "unknown" to many stamp collectors. Take Malaysia as an example, there are thousands of stamp collectors, however, there is ONLY a handful of maximum card collectors. Somehow, I find maximaphily  exciting , I cannot resist to realise a Maximum Card for each new stamp issue locally. I can see a few new collectors joining in the "spree" of realising maximum cards, it is a sign of the hobby gradually picked up by Malaysians. I am sure Time will prove the popularity of the hobby in Malaysia and I hope one day Maximum Card will be the STAR featured on the cover page of the internationally known TIME magazine as what is shown as the MC above , an MC which I had realised with a TIME promotional advertisement card on the "Medical Excellence" stamp issued on 26th April, 2010.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What else can I eye on ... of course Maximum Cards

What else can I eye on .. needless to say - I am eying on every opportunity to realise a good Maximum Card. The difficulty lies on the availability of matching postcards for a theme. I find commercial Advertisement cards are excellent materials for the realisation of maximum cards, without Ad Cards, I believe I shall NOT be able to realise many MCs to match. 
What an excellent caption on the above Ad Card : I am TALENT .. talent in Maximaphily.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Put your hands on Maximaphily

Maximaphily is no doubt an exciting philately hobby. Put your hands on maximaphily, you will feel the excitement of the creation of your own maximum cards. There is always opportunity for you to create a maximum card with the new stamp issue. The choice is yours, don't let the opportunity slips away. It is always NOT to late to create a maximum card. Why NOT do it today !

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Think Positively in Maximaphily

Maximaphily is the ONLY class in FIP which allows the collectors to create their own philatelic items, Hence, collectors are given a FREE Hand to create  collectibles abiding to a certain guidelines and rules. Think positively in maximaphily, you are ONLY a step away from the exciting hobby.

Popularise MCs to make them available at Market one day !

Popularise Maximum Cards, perhaps, one day you will find maximum cards are available in the local Market places too !

Saturday, April 03, 2010

MS stamps occupy space on MCs - Malaysian FERN

MS stamps are often larger in size than the normal stamps and the stamp face value is often many times more expensive than the normal stamps. Malaysia POST issues MS for a majority of the stamp issues. As a maximaphilist, I will try to realise the MS stamp on MCs if I am able to find relevant postcards to match the subject. Personally, I do NOT like large MS stamp on MCs as the stamp occupies a large proportion of the postcard picture. Anyway, whether the MC is aesthetically appealing OR not, it is a piece of record in my ALBUM on the Malaysian maximaphily.