Sunday, May 02, 2010

How about a change of the taste in realising a maximum card ?

I will use any postcard which is close resemblance to the stamp subject to realise a maximum card,  no matter it is a photographic postcard or an artistic postcard. Some collectors are strongly objecting to the use of artistic postcard . I see no reason why an artistic postcard cannot be used to realise a maximum card ?  Since the acceptance of the maximaphily as a philately class of its own by FIP ( Federation of International Philately ), there existed and attracted many arguments on the rules. I believe the basic rule of maximaphily i.e  The concordance of Stamp + postcard + postmark has to be saluted. Whether the other fine details on the rules  are to be respected and followed is up to the individuals. Of course, I will try wherever possible to follow the "strict" guidelines as far as possible in the realisation of a Maximum Card, however, many a times, I am creating Maximum Cards just to satisfy to the basic 3 in 1 rule. 
  • The above Maximum Card was created with a "Medical Excellence" stamp duly cancelled on 26.4.10 with a FDI pictorial postmarking at Kuala Lumpur

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