Monday, May 03, 2010

Keep food on hand for a rainy day 未雨稠缪

I do NOT wait for the annoucement of the new stamp schedule to begin hunting for postcards. It is too short a time to look for any postcard of match on the theme of the new stamp, hence, I decided to build up a postcard bank on common subjects to be ever ready for the creation of maximum cards at any juncture. Whenever there is an annoucement on a stamp release, I have my postcards to browse through for suitable ones to realise as maximum cards. As the Chinese Idiom says 未雨稠缪 i.e keep food on hand for a rainy day .. it is quite right that a maximaphilist has to get himself ready with postcards so as to avoid shortage when there is a need to do a Maximum Card. I was keeping the above postcard ( an advertisement card ) for ages, never thought one day it could be used to realise a Maximum Card, and it did well !
  • MC realised with "Medical Excellence" stamp issued on 26.4.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Lumpur.

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