Monday, May 24, 2010

Maximaphily makes me young

I bumped into a Hello Kitty souvenir shop in Singapore enquiring for  Hello Kitty postcards which I was longing to realise a maximum card  on a Japanese Hello Kitty stamp. The shop attendant was surprise with my request, she asked " The cards for your daughter ? we do NOT have postcards on Hello Kitty. What do you want them for ?" I told her that I like postcards on Hello Kitty and the cards were for myself  to realise some maximum cards. Obviously, she did Not know what are maximum cards, and she was curious about my hobby, she then introduced me with several other postcards on "Bears, ballons, toys" etc., instead. After seeing my enthusiasm in going through all the cards one by one, she was convinced that I was really serious on acquiring such cutie cards which are normally meant for the youths. When I walked out of the shop, she said " Uncle, your hobby makes you young". Yes, maximaphily makes me feel young all the time. Welcome all to join in the chase of hunting for cutie cards and the fun to realise them as maximum cards.

  • A cutie bear maximum card realised with a festive stamp issued on 11.2.2009, FDI pictorial cancel @ Singapore


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