Sunday, May 30, 2010

An innovative meter stamp maximum card . Does this qualify to be a 3 in 1 maximum card ?

Meter stamp is one form of postage stamp which incorporates a pictorial meter imprinted stamp (some may not have an imprinted stamp) with  a direct date cancel applied mechanically by a dispensing machine. The meter stamp is perfectly valid postally. When a meter stamp is used , it replaces the fiscal postage stamp. A maximum card needs a 3 in 1 combination i.e postage stamp, postcard and postmark, hence, can a card with a meter stamp  qualified to be a maximum card if  there exist a 3 in 1 concordance ? Some says it is only a 2 in 1 card since there is no fiscal postage stamp on it .What is your opinion on this ?
  • A maximum card with meter cancellation dated 26.12.2007, Date Cancel @ Taipei.

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Dorincard said...

Perfectly fine with me. In fact, please reserve one for me, if possible.