Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where is the right place to fix the missing zig-saw puzzle piece ?

I am  mixing in a large philatelic group. Throughout these years of collecting maximum cards I find it difficult to penetrate to the stronghold of the Traditional Philately by promoting Maximaphily. I am interacting with another deltiologist group, and I find that maximaphily is easy to spark an interactive long discussion with any postcard collector. I begin to ponder, does maximaphily belong to philately ? If it does, why are traditional philatelists acting passively and against this special class of philately ? I will like to mention again LONDON 2010 which is ruling out the entire class of Maximaphily in the competition, is it doing the right thing ? I have noted deltiologists are becoming maximaphilists ( at least a few of them I know are formerly postcard collectors). I am holding the missing puzzle piece, I am wondering whether to fix the missing piece in Philately OR Deltiology . What do you think ?

  • A Maximum card created with "Medical Excellence" stamp issued on 26.04.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Lumpur.

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samarkand888 said...

I think the right place would be in Deltiology because the PC is the prominent item