Sunday, May 16, 2010

Go sightseeing whilst creating maximum cards - Malaysia Firefly Maximum Card 10.5.2010

Have you been to Kuala Selangor ? I have NOT been there, BUT it was the urge to create a few maximum cards for the recently issued "Fireflies" stamp that brought me to the town of Kuala Selangor. Kuala Selangor is noted as the home of fireflies, hence, I had decided to make a trip to the local post office to have my maximum cards cancelled @ the particular post office. In the past, Maximaphily had made me to travel to several remote post offices in towns which I had never thought of paying a visit at all.  Since, I was at Kuala Selangor, I made a trip to the nearby Pasir Penambang fishing village to enjoy  a good meal of crab porridge. I further proceeded to Tanjong Karang and Sekinchan to enjoy a pleasant sunset view at the vast paddy fields. Overall, it was a fruitful trip - I have made my maximum cards, I have enjoyed a delicious meal, I have been to a vast paddy field. The next time , you can plan a sightseeing trip with the creation of maximum cards. - killing several birds with one stone, why NOT ?  Happy traveling & sightseeing, at the same time  enjoy creating your MCs.
  • Maximum card realised with the "Malaysian Firefly" stamp issued on 10.5.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Selangor

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