Thursday, April 17, 2014

British Submarine joined MH370 hunt in the Indian Ocean, Malaysia's "Tunku Abdul Rahman" Submarine however is Not deployed to join the operation.

外媒报道英国核潜艇参与印度洋的MH370搜救工作。 马来西亚也拥有一艘潜艇却在这个时刻没能参与行动,据说“东姑阿都拉曼”号潜艇不具搜救功能,不能派上用场。记得2009年“东姑阿都拉曼”号潜艇抵达大马,也发行了一套邮票。在巴生港口邮局制作了一枚极限片。请欣赏。
British Submarine joined MH370 hunt in the Indian Ocean, Malaysia's "Tunku Abdul Rahman" Submarine however is Not deployed to join the operation. I remembered the first submarine of Malaysia was delivered in the year 2009 from France, a set of commemorative stamps was issued to mark the event, below is an MC created at Port Klang Post Office on the first day of issue.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Satellites were deployed to look for Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, But in vain !

In search of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, France, UK and China had deployed own  satellites using high-resolution earth imaging capabilities, visible light imaging and other technologies to eye on possible wreckage on the vast Indian Ocean. China focused the search with 10 satellites , however, the images of the suspected floating objects did not reveal any parts coming from MH370 . The search for MH370 is by far the most difficult task ever in the history of civil aviation tragedy. 

I recalled the first Malaysian Satellite was launched in 1996 principally for enhancing the telephone and data transmission communication in this country. Subsequently several satellites were launched, and they are all equipped with telecommunication capabilities. Malaysia is yet to posses a satellite which is able to pick up high resolution images on surveillance of the Earth surface.

I created this Maximum Card of the MEASAT I satellite of Malaysia with the first hologram stamp of Malaysia featuring the satellite orbiting round the Earth. 

Malayisa MC of Satellite with FDI pictorial postmark dated 13.1.1996

Monday, April 14, 2014

美丽的仙本那(semporna) 再有外国游客被掳,蒙上阴影!

 马航客机MH370失联事件还没有任何的进展,又传来美丽的仙本那(semporna) 再有外国游客被掳,马来西亚旅游业重挫。

仙本那多次被选为世界旅游佳地,美丽如人间仙境。实境变迁,海盗活动猖獗, 仙本那近年来成了海盗掳绑人质索取金钱的一个目标重地。为了游客的安全,度假村都有荷枪实弹的军警在把守,虽然如此,海盗魔高一丈,还是入侵来了。政府已经采取适当措施关闭一些仙本那岸外的度假村。仙本那岸外的西巴丹(sipadan) 就是一个举世闻名的度假小岛,自然风景美丽不在话下。

没去过仙本那,只能把它的风采给记录在原图片(极限片, MC)上。这枚MC代我到仙本那邮局走一回了,邮戳还OK! 请欣赏

Semporna - A tourist paradise, visited by thousands of foreigners yearly. The beautiful off-coast islands with pure white beaches and clear shallow waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling activities. The coast of Sabah had been an active zone of the pirates. In the past, fishermen and sailors were reported to have kidnapped by the pirates asking for ransoms. Lately, these pirates were coming ashore to kidnap tourists as hostages. Although, resort operators are employing armed persons to guard the surrounding of the resort, these pirates seemed to escape the eye of the security and kidnapped a Chinese tourist boarding at a coastal chalet. The incident greatly ruins the tourism industry of the State. We are hoping and praying for the safety of this hostage in the custody of the pirates. We hope to see a light in resolving this issue quickly.

I have NOT been to Semporna, however, I had the opportunity in realising a Nice and beautiful Maximum Card, postmark of which was cancelled AT Semporna post office in 2003.

仙本那西巴丹美丽的沙滩和海域 MC (2003,semporna )
Semporna island resort MC( 2003, Semporna )

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The last call from the Pilot of the Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 "Goodnite, Malaysian MH370"

马航MH370失联之前,机长与地面控制塔联系的最后一通话这么说道 “晚安,马来西亚MH370”。马航370,你给我们留下了天底下的一个大谜团!至今你在何方?机上的239乘客与机组人员,你们可安好?
马来西亚马航50周年纪念票 (1997) - 首发极限片
The last call from the Pilot of the Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 was " Goodnite, Malaysian MH370". It was a great mystery of the missing flight MH370. How are the 239 passengers and the Crew on board the flight, Are you fine? We Miss you.
Malaysia Airlines 50th Anniversary commemorate issue (1997) MC

Friday, April 11, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370, We miss you !

Since 2014.3.8, the search for the Missing Flight - Malaysia Airlines MH370 is still on going. Currently the search for the aircraft at the Indian Ocean is said to be the most challenging one in history. The world is praying for MH370's return.

Malaysia Airlines 50th Anniversary commemorative issue 1997

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

"Noah" the Movie and "Noah" the MC

Sin Chew Daily - 8th April, 2014

Sin Chew Daily on 8th April, 2014 reported the Hollywood Box Office Movie - "Noah" was banned for screening in Malaysia for its content which is deemed to be against the Islamic Law. 

Noah and the Ark is an important biblical epic of the Old Testament documented in the Bible as well as the Koran. The Ban of the Movie "Noah" reminded me of an MC which is in my custody. It is Noah the MC.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Roses and 14th February

 Malaysia Maximum Card with ROSES stamp issued on St.Valentine's Day 2014

As St.Valentine's day is widely promoted commercially in the local scene, Federal government begins to tighten the restrictions on the Muslims to celebrate the day which is meant for the loving couples. Muslims were told to stay away from any form of celebration as it is said February, 14 - the St.Valentine's Day is against Islamic Beliefs. Anyway, St.Valentine's Day has been celebrated on the 14th of February each year worldwide. I came to know about this auspicious day when I first had my first acquaintance with my beloved one more than 30 years ago. St. Valentine's day had been celebrated longer enough than the birth of this country. February, 14 - A special Date which is hard to be erased from the memory. I remembered the first series of the special stamp on Malaysian ROSES was issued in the year 2003, the date of issue was initially fixed on the 6th February, 2003, a date prior to the Valentine's Day, paving the way for those who wish to purchase the Aromatic Stamps to be presented to their loving ones as Valentine Present, What a splendid idea, I thought! However, Pressures from several Bodies pushed the date of the issue to 22nd February, 2003, making the whole lots of Fresh and Fragant Roses stamps turning stale and fade in the store of the Post Office. As a stamp collector, I bought the ROSEs stamp on the 22nd February,2003 and realised several MCs to keep. I told myself, probably, there will never be another issue of ROMANTIC stamps on the Sensitive date of February, 14. I was surpised by the ROSES II aromatic stamps issued in 2014 with the date on the St.Valentine's Day - February, 14, Although the Canceling Cachet did NOT mention the St.Valentine's Day, however, February,14 is a common date shared across the world. You know, I know what is the special day celebrated on February, 14. As usual, I realised several ROSES Maximum Cards and presented to my beloved one. Yes, the above MC recorded in the history of Malaysia, an official set of Romantic Symbolic Stamps issued on the St.Valentine's Day.   

Monday, March 31, 2014

This MC was in my custody since 2007 - it was dated back to 1872.10.19

This MC will never be recognised as an MC if FIP rules and regulations had NOT been amended. The little imprinted image of the National emblem of the USSR - the "double headed eagle" on the postal stationery card was too small to enable it to be classified as an MC. 

Maximaphily, although is an official class of the FIP, however, in term of  rarity,  MC items have no place in comparison to the other FIP classes where earlier period materials are relatively readily available. Owing to fact of the borne weakness of the hobby, it remained as a deserted orphan in the family of the FIP. It was NOT actively promoted by the FIP, as can be seen from the recent FIP exhibitions held worldwide, Maximaphily Class was intentionally axed for known reasons.

TCV postal cards of the early periods of the Germany, Austria, USSR bore imprinted National emblems on the card, very often had a similar image as depicted on the prevailing postage stamps. These TCV cards are in fact the early form of the Maximum Cards although the imprinted images on the card are a little small, however, that should NOT deter collectors from recognising these TCV postal cards as Maximum Cards. Stopping at the juncture on the debates and arguments on the size of the imprinted images had little in the contribution to the promotion of the hobby, in fact, maximaphilists had wasted too many years in hesitating to accept these TCVs as maximum cards. I strongly welcome the FIP Maximaphiliy Panel's decision in granting the recognition of the early TCV postal cards as Maximum Cards.  The new decision in accepting TCV postal cards as  family members of the Maximaphily,  hence ,all the previously crowned World Earliest Known maximum cards had to give way to the TCVs which were known to exist as early in the 1870s. The hunt for the Earliest MCs began, German TCVs bearing postmark of the 1870s were given the utmost attention, many records of the earliest dates had been rewritten several times until one TCV bearing a postmark of 1872.11.9 surfaced in 2007 which was recorded as the Earliest known MC .

Maximaphilists, however, did not stop in the hunt for an earlier MC card ... for many years now, the record of the earliest known MC remained as the one bearing a date 1872.11.9
I owned an USSR TCV postal card bearing a date 1872.10.19 which was acquired in the year 2007.  Does this qualify to be the World Earliest known MC ? What do you think ?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pyramid MC took a tour back to its homeland - GIZA

22.11.2013 I visited the Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo. Since my days of collecting Maximum Card, I was particularly interested in the Maximum Cards of the Pyramid originally posted through the mail. I searched through the years for Pyramid MCs cancelled with the nearest PO postmark of "Pyramids", and managed to find a few t which are really scarce indeed. There were MCs with postmarks from Cairo, Giza and other places of Egypt. Pyramid MCs are amongst the oldest of the MCs. I thought it would be a good idea to take a Pyramid MC with me on my tour to the site of the Great Wonder of the world, giving the MC an opportunity to revisit its homeland. Cheers, I made it. Perhaps, I will  do the same in the future for the rest of my MCs, whether near or far, take them for a tour to their motherland. That's FUN, isn't it! You can do it too!