Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Zheng He missed the boat on Malaysia Stamp for the 600th Anniversary of the 1st Voyage omnibus issue

 Unissued Zheng He Miniature Sheet 
A Serious Design Error on the portrait of Zheng He

 Zheng He Miniature Sheet
I thought Pos Malaysia would issue a stamp to commemorate the 600th Anniversary of Zheng He's 1st Voyage along with the other Zheng He stamps issued by postal administrations e.g China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. Zheng He and his fleet set foot in Melaka and it was an important historial  event  in the history of Malaysia to remember. I had my postcards ready to create maximum cards on Zheng He, however, never materialised.  Instead Pos Malaysia issued a set of stamps to commemorate the diplomatic relationship between China-Malaysia in the following year. A miniature sheet was designed to depict Admiral Zheng He had been approved and printed ( image as above), it was withdrawn on the eve of the launch of the stamps, nothing had been SOLD over the post office counter. The miniature sheet with Zheng He's image was said to posses a major error - Can you spot the error ? The  new miniature sheet issued  has a different design with a Ming Dynasty merchant trader replacing the portrait  of Zheng He. I missed the opportunity to realise a Malaysia Zheng He maximum card which I had been longing for and I think I will never ever have the chance of realising one anymore.

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Gw Hong said...

Actualy, what's wrong with Zheng Ho portrait on M.S. Sheet?
I realize the ancient coin with Islamic pattern was remove as well.
Any more information on this un-issued stamp and M.S