Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Be recognised and awarded - The 8th World Best Maximum Card competition to be held @ Portugal 2010 in October

This year the World Best Maximum Card competition will be held in Portugal, 2010 in October. This competition had been successful organised consecutively for the 8th year - a toast to FIP maximphily for the effort in pulling member countries to participate in the above competition, the number of countries participating in the competion increases each year. In the past, the organiser will keep the MC entries as archieves, this has resulted many collectors refraining from enrolling with their best unique MCs for the competition. This time, FIP Maximaphily has indicated MCs will be returned to the owners if requested. This is a good news to all collectors, and I hope to see better MCs are sent for competition this time at Portugal 2010. Get yourself recognised with the award of the Best MC of the World - send in your best MC now to FIP Maximaphily - the Best from your country. Good Luck!
  • A maximum card created with the "Greeting" Stamps issued on 2008, Ordinary date stamp cancelled at Hong Kong

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Dorincard said...

This is yet another example that rules can and will change in maximaphily. Better ideas and judgment should eventually prevail.:)