Saturday, June 05, 2010

Introducing Maximaphily to the BLINDs

Introducing maximaphily to the blinds ? It must be killing ! It is NOT impossible with the present printing technology that a postcard and stamp can be embossed to have brailles on them, hence, to the BLINDs, they can get a feel of the postcard and stamp to access the information. It is however to produce an embossed postmarking to accomplish the 3rd element tying the stamp to the postcard to form a true Braille Maximum Card, is a great challege. I am thinking the Company Seal which is normally applied on documents in emboss condition can be an ideal canceling system on the stamps if at all a Braille MC is materialised one day in the future. If this is going to happen, then the BLINDs will be able to feel a true maximum card.
  • A maximum card of Louis Braille stamp on a true Braille postcard , FDI pictorial postmark @ Macau, 2009

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