Sunday, June 13, 2010

A tale of two pandas

When this Maximum Card was realised with the Panda Stamp "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan 团团圆圆"of Taiwan - some was asking , the stamp depicted precisely "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan 团团圆圆" , how about the 2 pandas in the postcard, are they tuan-tuan & yuan-yuan ? Immediately, some would comment on the snow scene in the picture postcard, Taiwan rarely has snow, hence, the 2 pandas on the card are NOT "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan" (团团圆圆) ! Another group however would defend by saying "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan" (团团圆圆) originally came from Szechuan, China, hence, the snow scene could be taken on a picture before they left China. Maximaphilists are very imaginative indeed, arguments can be debated for hours on a maximum card. Will you be able to tell, are they "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan" (团团圆圆) ?
  • A maximum card created with "tuan-tuan and yuan-yuan" (团团圆圆) panda stamp issued in 2008, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Taiwan

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