Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is a genuine 100 years old Postcard for the "Clover" maximum card

I posted a "greeting" maximum card depicting clover leaves the day before, some collectors saw the words "birthday greetings" on the postcard guessing that it is a cut-out card , a greeting card etc., I think I should put a scan of the back of the postcard to show to all that it is a genuine embossed postcard and it is a used postcard mailed 100 years ago i.e 1910. I must say, when I am indulging in Maximaphily, I will observe the minimum 3 in 1 requirement, and I will insist that the card is a POSTCARD.  If I am detouring from the 3 in 1 requirement, I will NOT name it a maximum card, it is simply a cinderella MC to me .. at times I do make it just for FUN.
  • Rear view of a maximum card created with "greeting" stamp issued in 2009, CDS cancel @ Taiwan

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