Monday, June 21, 2010

The greatest blunder made by a foreign Philatelic Bureau

I wrote in 2005 requesting SINGPOST philatelic bureau for a new stamp affixed on the picture side and had it cancelled with a FDI pictorial cachet for the "Mermaid" stamp issue, however ,the bureau failed with my instruction and had the card nicely done with the stamp affixed on the addresse side and returned to me promptly. I did spell out clearly with an enclosed photocopy of the exact location of the stamp to be pasted on the card, somehow, the blunder still happened. I wrote back to the philatelic bureau to express my great disappointment. I was asked to return the cards back to the department to have the Maximum Cards done correctly to my request. This is the ONLY set of Maximum Cards I have with the same stamps pasted both on the front and back of the card. SINGPOST was learning from the mistakes it made. There are yet many postal administrations around the world which do NOT know what are maximum cards ? There is still a long long way for maximaphily to go.
  • A maximum card created with "Mermaid" stamps issued in 2005, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Singapore.

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Dorincard said...

You can never be TOO clear with indications for postmarking...:(
On the plus side, you have an EFO (= errors, freaks and oddities), and a unique exemplar in the world with that double-sided "maximaphilized" postcard.
It is also an educational item for future postmarking activities. :)