Saturday, June 12, 2010

Realising a maximum card at a remote Post Office

A New Zealand Friend will like to know how to go about getting an ordinary date cancel on  the postcard from a remote post office. Normally, I will write to the postmaster of the post office :

1. requesting and insisting of  a vivid Ordinary Date Cancel on the stamp affixed on the picture side of the postcard.
2. indicating with an attached photocopy or print of the MC showing the position I will like to have the firm Date Cancel on the stamp . (photo as above)
3. enclosed with a self addressed envelope with proper postage for the PO to return the completed MC to me.
4. I will send the MC with registered post and use a registered reply mail for the return of the MC if I feel that the card is rare and important to me.

Good Luck my friend in NZ for a successful realisation of the above Maximum Card.

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