Monday, June 07, 2010

The best concordant postmark May NOT be the First Day of Issue cancel impression

At times I do find better cancellation is available to match a particular stamp instead of the First Day of issue postmark impression. The stamp depicting the Mascot (Orang Utan) of the 1998 commonwealth games held in Malaysia was first issued in 1995 having a corresponding FDI postmark cancellation which did NOT have a matching impression of the Mascot. I was waiting one day to see a postmark cancel depicting the Mascot of the games, and it was until 1997 a commemorative cachet depicting the orang utan Mascot was  made available at the National Philatelic Exhibition. I took the opportunity to have a maximum card created with the matching postmark cancellation with the stamp, the postcard and the postmark , all depicting the image of the Mascot of the commonwealth games - the Orang Utan.

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