Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dad told me why Train is known as HuoChe 火车? .... The Classic 56 Class locomotive

When we were young, we learnt from our parents that the vehicle running on track with smokes puffing from its locomotive is known as a HuoChe (train) 火车 i.e a "Fire Vehicle", it was easy to relate a HuoChe to a train . A long trail of black smoke was left behind whenever a train passed by and passengers' clothing were often left with specks of smoke dust, that is a typical scenario of the days of the 56 class train. Today's kids will wonder why is train named HuoChe 火车 ?
  • A maximum card realised with a "56 class train" stamp issued on 22.06.2010, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Seremban.

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