Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Maximum Card keeps record of events - the mysterious missing statue of Zheng He

3 mini statues depicting Zheng He and his followers were missing from the altar of a popular temple  in Melaka many years ago, the status of these 3 mini statues remained unknown  until today. There existed a postcard of the 3 mini statues of which I was inclined to realise a typical Malaysian Maximum Card on Zheng He , however, Pos Malaysia had failed to issue a suitable stamp for me to materialise. The card was finally used with China and Hong Kong stamps to realise as maximum cards. These Zheng He maximum cards keep record of an event - the mysterious missing statue of Zheng He ... Has anyone come across these statues ? They are properties of a temple in Melaka . There was an appeal to reinstate these statues back into position on the empty altar of the temple.
  • A maximum card realised with "Zheng He" stamp issued in 2005, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Hong Kong

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