Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Used postcards are equally good for maximum cards

Some collectors insist on using only Mint postcards for realisation of maximum cards. That is purely individual's preference. I am using both Mint and Used postcards for my maximum cards as long as they are concordant in pictures. In fact, there are old subjects featured on stamps that I find difficulty in looking for mint postcards to realise a good maximum card, the only solution is to look for the Used postcards. I would say, used postcards are equally good as mint postcards for the realisation of maximum cards.
  • A maximum card realised with the "greetings" stamps issued in 2009, CDS postmark, Taiwan


Dorincard said...

Nice and delicate...
Is this made with 1) a regular postcard? or 2) a custom postcard cut in half from a greeting card?, or 3) a greeting card that you still keep as it is - a folded postcard?

Ye Choh San 余曹山 said...

This is made from a regular postcard.