Monday, July 05, 2010

The Red hibiscus is seen everywhere in Malaysia, But NOT this - the Yellow Hibiscus

The RED hibiscus is the National Flower of Malaysia, it is a common garden flower found everywhere in Malaysia. The YELLOW hibiscus is NOT as common so does a postcard featuring the flower. The RED Hibiscus is crowned as the National Flower, BUT not the YELLOW Hibiscus. I do NOT how to differentiate these 2 flowers in Chinese, I have learnt and heard of "Da Hong Hua" (大红花), but I have NOT heard of "Da Huang Hua" (大黄花), really, how to name this flower in Chinese ?
  • A maximum card realised with a "Yellow Hibiscus" stamp issued on 1.7.2010, FDI Pictorial Cancel @ Seremban.

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