Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Green Turtle in the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 postcard pack issued FREE by the Tourist Promotion Board

This is a maximum card created from a postcard issued by the Malaysian Tourist Promotion Board for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 campaign.  The pack of postcards was distributed FREE at the nationwide Tourist Information Centre from 2007. I was at the Kuala Selangor Town few months back, walked pass a bookshop and saw these postcards displayed on racks, I thought they were FREE for pick up, BUT the shopkeeper was selling  @ 50 sen each. The glossy finished postcard is really a beautiful medium for the creation of the above maximum card depicting a Green Turtle.
  • A maximum card created with "threatened habitat - green turtle" stamp issued on 15.7.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuantan


Dorincard said...

I like the MC - a rare view of a turtle AND a human, within touching distance, in the real ocean habitat.
The postmark ink is of superior quality since it stays on the glossy postcard.
What would you tell to a strict FIP follower (you know...), who would categorize your beautiful and rare MC as a non-MC because it is MULTIVIEW instead of SINGLEVIEW?
I could tell him to get "Lost", the TV series, now available on DVD.

711Collection said...

hi Ye, what a wonderful creative Maximum card. I bought this issue in Kuantan as well. this card I got it from Kuantan Tourism Centre, it is FREE, how come the shopper could sell it. this card is actually not for sale, and it is actually present by Tourism centre, it comes together with another 7pcs cars in a nice pack, I was lucky to get the last 2 sets of it.. i set already present to my pal in seremban... "chuayl" cheers... carry on your creativity..

Unknown said...