Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Am I too late to come into the hobby of maximaphily?" - A friend asked.

"Am I too late to come into the hobby of maximaphily?" - A friend asked.  My friend regretted that he had missed to realise maximum cards for  hundreds of Malaysian new stamp issues since he first started collecting stamps 20 years ago.  For maximaphily, it is NOT the matter of Late or NOT late in joining in the fun of collecting maximum cards. For new stamp issues, a collector can easily create a fresh MC for himself, for the past stamp issues, a collector can acquire through other collectors or stamp dealers if there are willing sellers around. Maximaphily is a perpetual hobby, anyone can come into the hobby at any time and at any juncture, everyone enjoys the similar thrill, enjoyment and excitement at all times. Anyone can create a unique MC which ONLY he/she owns - this is something rather unique for the hobby.
  • A maximum card created with "Yellow Beauty" stamp issued on 1.7.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Seremban.

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Dorincard said...

You are absolutely right, my friend. One can join the millions of people who passively acquire and own an identical stamp, mass-produced. Or, one can individualize, personalize and create a unique philatelic item such as a maximum card (or a cover, or an FDC), with that one stamp. I enjoy the freedom of the potential for creating any maximum card I want, with any stamp from any year and any country. If I can do it by FIP rules - great! If some FIP rule prohibits me from doing it, then I "prohibit" FIP from spoiling my fun, and I do it anyway. :D :D