Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It is the discrepancy in Chinese Translation of the FIP rules that defies the use of Artwork postcard for MCs

FIP rules state that "Drawings" cannot be used for maximum cards, and I came to the understanding that the key word "drawings" has been interpreted as artworks 绘画 in Chinese hence any postcard printed with artwork of a subject  is deemed to violate  the FIP rules. Well, Chinese in general refrain from taking any card of this nature, I will welcome them to part these cards to me if they do NOT want them. The "drawings" as mentioned in the FIP rule refers to the actual drawings drawn by pens and brushes, it is nothing related to printed drawings. What a misled interpretation that is planted deeply in the brains of the collectors. I like artwork cards and will like to present here with another famous water painting artwork Maximum Card of a Lotus Flower.
  • A maximum card realised with "Lotus" stamp issued on 1/7/2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Seremban.

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