Sunday, July 25, 2010

It is a "NOKIA" Ad Card, I covered the "KIA", leaving the "NO" - Hence, A message "NO to Rubbish Dump!"

This advertisement postcard with an otter came ashore hunting for food bore a large advertiser name "NOKIA" on the basket. In order to disguise the large lettering word of "NOKIA", I had affixed the stamp over the "KIA", leaving behind a "NO" - The message on the card can then be interpreted as " NO to Rubbish Dump". An Ad Card immediately turns into a meaningful postcard. You can make wonder in Maximaphily. Enjoy !

If I cover "NO", leaving "KIA" , it becomes the name of the  Korean Car Manufacturer- KIA Motors.
I believe KIA workers in Korea will NOT use "NOKIA" brand handphones, for it says " NO KIA ". It's Fun with the words.
  • A maximum card realised with "Threatened Habitat - otter" stamp issued on 15.7.2010, FDI Pictorial Cancel @ Jerantut.


Dorincard said...

Bravo, my friend! Prime example of creative philately/maximaphily!

Epylim said...

Wonderful idea to learn!

First Day Cover said...