Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confusion over Lotus and Water lily 荷花与莲花-冯京当马凉

There are too many things and facts to learn in life. In the past, I will NOT take seriously to differentiate a lotus from a water lily. It is Maximaphily that made me to make  "study" on these flowers as I need to create a best concordant maximum card . However, no matter how careful I am, the selection of a postcard does slip at times.  I had picked a water lily postcard to realise an MCwith a stamp of a lotus - I was misled by the description written on the rear of the postcard which indicated  the flower is a lotus. Now by Further reading on the subject,  I know the easiest way to differentiate a water lily from a lotus - Leaves of water lily float on water surface, leaves of the lotus grow beyond the water surface.  However, be careful when the pond is grown with both water lily and lotus, the differentiation by the leaves of the plants will NOT work, so the differentiation has to come from the flowers themselves of which I will NOT elaborate here. Anyway, maximaphily makes me learn, and it is the mistake that I made on the creation of a card that keeps me remembering on the subject.  Ha, the above MC is definitely a LOTUS, there is no doubt about it !
  • A maximum card created with "Garden Flowers - Lotus" stamp issued on 1.7.2010, FDI Pictorial Cancel @ Seremban

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