Sunday, July 04, 2010

Can't Find a relevant postcard for maximum card ? - Garden Flowers 1.7.2010

I had used up most of my postcards on "bougainvilla" for maximum cards during the last issue of the State Definitive Series in 2007. I thought I would give up creating maximum cards on this flower series since I had done enough MCs for the last time and I did NOT have anymore specific "bougainvilla" postcards around. Whilst going through my stocks of postcards, I realised this garden flower has a prominent place in many of the local postcards - it is really a common flower found in Malaysia and in Malaysian postcards too! Sometimes I do grumble for non availability of postcards and non knowing that in fact these postcards are around without my notice. Did you manage to find these postcards for your maximum cards too ?

  • A maximum card realised with "Garden Flower - bougainvilla" stamp issued on 1.7.2010, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Seremban

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