Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How I wish I could have this Maximum Card postmarked at Semporna post office ..

Sipadan Island is a well known underwater paradise for the sea divers. How I wish I could have this maximum card postmarked at a post office near to this paradise resort. There is no post office  on the island, and the nearest post office is located at Semporna on the mainland Sabah. I could send this maximum card to  Semporna post office to request for a relevant postmark, however, due to the many incidents of cards lost in the mail, I had given up sending cards to individual post offices requesting for a postmark cancellation.
  • A maximum card realised with "threatened habitat - green turtle" stamp issued on 15.7.2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuantan, Pahang


Dorincard said...

Have you tried sending to POSTMASTER of such an office a registered letter, maybe even with delivery confirmation/signature - if POS Malaysia has such options?
Is it expensive? It sure adds up.
Hold the local postmaster accountable, not some anonymous clerk.

ye choh san said...

I opted to risk by sending the card in an ordinary mail for the registration fee to and fro adds to the cost, on top of it, I was NOT confident of getting a GOOD postmark from any of the post offices. If at all the card was sent by registered back and the cancellation was BAD, what is the point of paying the cost? I will NOT mind paying the cost if the cancellation is guaranteed BUT it turned out to be disappointment in many occassions. The postmaster will NOT be held responsibility of a poor cancellation of postmark.

Dorincard said...

What I meant was to address the letter "TO THE POSTMASTER" - write like that, even if you don't know his name, and even if you send the letter simple/not registered.
I do that to ensure that my letter will not be opened by just any clerk, who might be less careful and knowledgeable than the postmaster.

CW Ye said...

Sipadan is probably one of the best place to dive with turtles. You see them almost everywhere. I love your underwater series.

Choh Wah

ye choh san said...

CW, nice to have your visit here! I love all of your undersea photos. It will be nice to have them on postcards.