Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Result for the the Maximaphily exhibits @ Bangkok 2010

The performance of the Maximaphily exhibits @ Bangkok 2010 was below expectation, Exhibits previously exhibited had been downgraded due to the present of FAKE maximum cards. Maximum card collectors are therefore to be very cautious in purchasing Classic Maximum Cards. The Fake MCs are made from Genuine postcard, Genuine stamp, however, the postmarks are FAKE. The result of the 3 maximaphily exhibits present at Bangkok is as follows :

1. Wild Animals - We cannot have a world without them  65 SB : Author - Song Ying Tao (China)
2. A general consideration of the bridge shape 72 S : Author - Chung Jung Su ( Korea )
3. Roof 65 SB : Author - Song Heng ( China )

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